Used student Navigator parachute systems for sale
Fine crop of low time, recent manufacture Vector student rigs with PD Navigator or Silhouette mains!
Used Vector UPT Micro Sigma Tandem Parachute Systems for sale see below

Used UPT Micro Sigma Tandem parachute systems for sale:
All tandem rigs at Skydive Orange, VA, have original counts on their Cypres 2 jump counters. The drogues, risers and toggles are in excellent condition. All tandems include student harnesses, Sky Hook RSLs, and Cypres 2 C-Mode AADs. I suggest you come by and take a look at the condition and you will see that they are a great deal for the price. Always packed inside on packing mat out of the sun, and currently in use here in Orange, VA. Shipped with the seal removed, but ready to go to work for you after your rigger inspects and repacks! Email with any questions, or to be notified of other used rigs for sale. It seems our reputation for selling great quality slightly used tandem and student parachute systems has gained the trust of buyers in the skydiving industry. Sometimes we can offer multi-rig discounts at season's end or early January.

If you can tell us:
1- how many rigs you might want
2- where they'll be used
3- when you want them
4- would you pick them up here or rather we ship them
5- Should we reline them before shipping or if you have your own rigging facilities and rather reline them yourself
- so we can do our best to give you the desired results.

Lightly used, complete tandem rigs in amazingly good shape (compared to some of the worn out gear for sale on!) they will not be deeply discounted, but they will still be a very good deal if you need rigs in great condition and ready to go to work for you. Please email for details, or call or text (540) 943-6587 and please leave your number for a call back since we don't answer unrecognized calls because of overwhelming spam.

August 2, 2021 update- 6... 3... ONLY 2 TANDEM RIGS AVAILABLE NOW! One complete MicroSigma 340 and one complete Sigma 370 rig. Others will be available in the coming months. The included C-mode Cypres 2 are new enough models (click the rig photo or link to see manufacture dates on the reserve card photos) -that Airtec no longer requires sending them back for mandatory inspections!

These two are ready to go to work for you THIS WEEKEND!-
USED Complete Sigma II 370 Tandem System, "MS-BLK-370A" September 2017 and later component DOMs. Complete with Cypres 2. Available now! 220 jumps, $13,500.

USED Complete Micro Sigma II 340 Tandem system, "MS99" One reserve ride. June 2019 and later component DOMs. Complete with Cypres 2. Click the photo for details. 300 jumps... Available now! $15,000.

USED Complete Micro Sigma II 340 Tandem system, "MS97" No reserve rides. June 2019 and later component DOMs. Complete with Cypres 2. Click the photo for details. 280 jumps.

This one is sold, we'll have others around December/January if not a little sooner maybe.


- We can usually ship within a few working days of when we get a bank transfer or cash, or 2 weeks of when we get a Postal Money order or personal check. No sales tax if we ship to states other than Virginia or out of the US. Not responsible for import duties or VAT's. As I typically buy and sell many complete rigs every year, we have zero tolerance for any risk involved in the sales transaction. Shipping cost is not included.

- Shipping to CHINA- We'd love your business, but we have no idea how to navigate the ludicrous customs/import duties forms, and the only success we've ever had getting used rigs to China the buyer came here and brought them back themselves or the buyer arranged for pickup here via their own FedEx account somehow.

- Please be sure to include a note reminding us what you want, your complete address and phone #. Shipping to a business address where there is someone there during the day usually works well.

- Don't see what you want? Check back often, or call or text (540) 943-6587 (please leave a message!) or Email us.

- *We might need a few days to assemble our new replacements before we can ship, in some instances; if that might be an issue, check with us before sending payment.

Used MicroSigma and Sigma Tandem Parachutes for sale like the ones shown below (which are long since sold)-

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