Sorry for this hastily assembled webpage, I think it mostly conveys the issues I'm having fitting the parts I got to my wheelchair, and I'm sorry to give you lots of headaches, I'm just trying to make everything work together.

I just opened the package with TiLite parts, this is not what I ordered, we'll need to make a few adjustments, please:
1) Please order the fabric heel straps and hardware for both foot rests (photo attached) like my chair came with originally
2) Let's return the arm "saddles", I think these were sent in place of the collar with the LARGE lugs where the screws go through keeping the armrests from rotating, Please order the collar with lugs that screws onto the lower ends of the arm rests with LARGE lugs that the screws go through, not tiny little lugs that sheared off that came with the chair originally.
3) I got a set of screws for that collar with the lugs but I didn't get any collars with the larger lugs; 1) Are those the right screws for the collar with the large lugs? If so, we'll have to exchange those too.
4) Both of the brackets that the lower ends of the armrests slide into also have the tiny little slots that tiny little lugs would slide into like my chair had originally. We'll need to exchange these for an identical set except for the collars with the large lugs that the screws go through.

The local rep at Roberts Oxygen gave me the large-lugged collar with the big lugs with the screw holes through them. I need a set of those collars and the receiving handlebar mount needs to have corresponding larger slots to accept that collar with the larger lugs; I did not get any new collars in the shipment you recently sent.

I guess I'll need an RMA number or something? Thank you for your efforts, Tyler, please let's make the necessary returns/exchanges/orders to correct this part order for my TiLite wheelchair.

My original chair back strap arrangement (on the right with cat fur) had 3 horizontal straps; the one you sent me has three, plus there are two longer straps; How is that supposed to work? replacement TiLite wheelchair back from DME HUB April 2021-1100w.jpg