March, 2021 - I'm interested in buying this type of tree saw to clear land, but there are no reviews!
So I made this cheap little webpage in hopes someone else uses one of these and what their purchasing experience has been and if they work well. Please email me Email with "TREE SAW FEEDBACK" in the subject line if you've bought one of these two:

"The Perfect Tree Saw"

"Tree Buster Flush Cut Tree Saw (Facebook link)"

-and tell me if it does the job for you, and if you had a good or bad buying experience or not and why. Either one looks like they'll do a great job, but each manufacturer has things about their web/Facebook pages that give me pause about actually forking over the money to somebody who's about 6 states away. I'd just like to hear what other users have to say so I can leave this page up for other folks like myself with land to clear.