Thousands of used "3 gallon"* plastic pots Fishersville VA Virginia

While perfectly serviceable, these pots have seen better days and a good bit of UV degradation just from old age and sunshine. You'll need to go through and put aside any bad pots that are too deteriorated to use. That's why these are still a huge bargain at only $50. It's the buyer's responsibility for loading them, because I am a wheelchair guy and couldn't physically manage to reach all the pots since they're not in the most accessible place here on our former plant nursery. That said, if you buy $100 or more worth of our pots, I can usually hop on the tractor/loader and carry them our to your vehicle and set them in the back of your truck as long as the top is open for me to dump them in.

These could be a huge money making opportunity for those with a little room, clean topsoil or better yet composted pine bark mix, and access to water to grow cheap forestry seedlings and perhaps willow twigs stuck into the pots that should root themselves.

500 pots for ONLY $50! Picked up here by appointment. Sorry, we don't ship.

Call or text (540) 943-6587 any time (please leave a message!) or email Email

*"3 Gallon" is/was a nursery trade designation; they really probably hold a little over 2 gallons, especially considering the top 1-1/8" plastic band might peel off many of these pots, just because of their old age.