Missy Cummings is not fit for the NHTSA board;

- Missy Cummings is a member of the Veoneer, Inc. Board of Directors
- Veoneer is an American Sedish provider of automotive technology based in Stockholm and incorporated in Delaware
- Veoneer's products include radars, lidars, thermal night vision cameras, vision systems and advanced driver assistance and autonomous driving software - Veoneer counts all major global automakers as its customers

Whole Mars Catalog on Twitter: "Missy Cummings receives around $400,000 worth of stock in Swedish LIDAR company Veoneer per year as compensation for her role as a non-employee member of the board.

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It is obvious that Missy Cummins has deep business conflicts of interest plus a personal financial stake in Tesla's competitors. These conflicts of interest make her unsuitable to advice the NHTSA: