Used student parachute systems  Used Vector UPT Micro Sigma tandem parachute systems  

Complete parachute/harness container system. Equipped with BBOC student AFF handle, throw-out Zero-P kill line pilot chute. Contact us to schedule a time to come by and take a look. 

Ordering/shipping/handling- We can usually ship within two working days of when we get a  bank verified wire transfer or cash, or 2 weeks of when we get a Postal Money order or personal check. No Virginia sales tax if we ship to states other than Virginia or out of the US. Not responsible for import duties or VAT's. As I typically buy and sell many complete rigs every year, we have zero tolerance for any risk involved in the sales transaction. Email Us with any questions. All used rigs are offered for sale as is with no guarantees, Shipped with the reserve unsealed, ready for your rigger to inspect and repack, then it's ready for you to jump!
Please be sure to include a note reminding us what you want, your complete address and phone #. Shipping to a business address where there is someone there during the day usually works well. 

UPDATED January 19, 2019- 

An excellent, very reasonably-priced, "little girl" AFF rig with NON-adjustable harness
Velocity Sports Infinity harness/container with AFF handle DOM Oct, 2011, but a bit of line burn here and here (scroll left and right)
PD OPTIMUM 193 Reserve, DOM November, 2014, no rides
Airtec Cypres 2, DOM May 2015
PD Silhouette 190*, DOM April 2015, has a small patch 
Ready to go to work for you next weekend after your rigger inspects and repacks it.
646 jumps, no reserve rides, $3,900 

Click for larger:

Main parachute photos:






Main-photo-of a patch on the main

Main data panel, manufactured April 2015:

It's in wonderful condition, but has one patch.

Ask about multi-rig package prices.