White Spruce Trees Make a Great Living Fencerow Property Line Marker When you use them to Plant a Screen Between you and the nosy Neighbors' backyard.



Spruce do well all over Virginia, tolerating just about any reasonable soil conditions. They don't like having weeds growing up against them, nor do they tolerate being jammed too close to other plants or else they will develop empty spots, whereas a Norway or white spruce will keep green branches despite being a little crowded.


My New Favorite kind of spruce tree, we have nice White Spruce trees dug for planting, ~3' - 5' tall. I think these are nicer, fuller trees than Norway or Blue Spruce.

Short softer green needles. but they also drop their needles pretty bad when you cut them, so I don't recommend cutting them till after December 15.

IMPORTANT NOTE - White spruce are the worst for dropping needles after they are cut or dug. It doesn't seem to affect the long term survivability for B&B (dug) trees. In fact, my guess is that losing a few needles might actually increase their survivability by helping to balance the root : shoot ratio (only click this root : shoot ration link if you have way, way too much time on your hands, cause it has way too much information for practical purposes here) after we cut so many roots digging them, so a little less green on op prolly helps for the first year while the tiny feeder roots catch up so they can support the top of the tree.

Choose & Cut $65 each, up to 10'+ tall. Limited supply. Best to wait till  December 15 to cut and buy a spare vacuum cleaner bag since they drop needles bad.



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