White Spruce Christmas trees Balled and Burlapped to plant December 2010

PLEASE EXCUSE THE GRAINY PHOTOS! These trees really look much nicer-

Tree sizes and prices vary from about 3' to 7' tall, $30- $95 each, B&B (B&B means Balled and Burlapped - dug and ready to plant after serving as an indoor Christmas tree as long as you keep the soil damp the whole time).  And keep us in mind for all your fence row tree and screening needs! We can sell, plant and deliver any number of hardy little White Spruce trees at a great price.

White Spruce (3'-6' tall, $30 - $85):

Norway Spruce: 
Click the grainy photo of this wonderful 4' tall B&B (ready for planting) Norway Spruce tree to see how nice they really are.
4' Norway Spruce are our nicest B&B (Balled and Burlapped trees in 2010 - dug & ready to plant after serving as an indoor Christmas tree), Considering the size and weight of the root ball, is actually a practical size dug tree if you're gonna bring it inside for Christmas.. Much bigger and heavier and it would not be easy to move inside. Most of these are around $65- $75, and Norway and White Spruce are the easiest, trouble free trees to grow. 

Colorado Blue Spruce-
4-5' tall shown below, taller, fuller, bluer trees cost more than shorter, greener, less full trees. Colorado Blue spruce trees vary greatly in color since there each seedling varies genetically. Click the photo below for a more clear, bigger photo-
B&B Blue Spruce trees for planting

White Spruce Trees (below) for planting along property lines and for screening-
We have a good supply of White spruce trees, which are hardy and relatively trouble free, and they are relatively fast growing and dense- perfect for a privacy hedge. We have great quantity prices and we are ready to sell hundreds of these. Winter and EARLY spring is the best time to transplant trees so their roots can start growing into their new home first thing in the spring.
White Spruce Trees dugt and ready for you to take home and plant for fencerows, privacy hedges, property lines

Bulk pricing quantity discounted White spruce trees, we can arrange delivery and planting within 100 miles-

  5-10 25+
3' $20.00 $15.00
4' $30.00 $20.00
5' $45.00 $30.00
6' $60.00 $50.00

Updated November 2010